Analysis, Integration, Adaptation Our Process

A focused, collaborative, and empathetic approach.

The Awairness system is a combination of traditional wisdoms and modern design thinking. It incorporates basic elements seen in many processes, but is unique in that it can adapt to any market, context, or field of study. We use it to help ensure all facets of life and business, industry best practices, lessons learned, and insight-driven creations result in impactful solutions that achieve goals.

The image above and walkthrough below are abbreviated examples of the Awairness System applied to design and development.


Let’s explore where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go.

Research & Analysis

Then we’ll get to know your business, competition, and industry thoroughly.


Now that we’ve got all the information, let’s explore some possibilities.


You’ve heard it before. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Let’s succeed.


Design isn’t just how it looks. Design is how it works. Form plus function, always.


We offer cross-platform, full-stack development to bring designs to life.


We’ll test it, make it better, and validate impact through user discoveries.


Everything looks great, works as intended, and addresses real user needs, lets go live!


We’ll help you leverage your network, optimize organic strategies, and get your product or service the visibility it deserves.

Community Building

Now let’s convert your users into raving fans through authentic connection, incentive, and value.