Service through collaboration. About Awairness

We collaborate with talent that cares.

Awairness is an impact design studio that partners with industry leaders to help organizations solve real problems. Whether it’s transforming STEM education, differentiating ethical commerce, cultivating communities of citizen astronauts, or designing games and apps for change, we collaborate with teams and clients looking to have a great time making a real impact in the world.

The Awairness Team

Aaron Johnston

Aaron Johnston Founder + CEO

Patrick Iverson

Patrick Iverson Founder + Chief Creative

Christopher Webster

Christopher Webster Chief Networker

Jim Lujan

Jim Lujan Chief Integration Officer

Allan Cohen

Allan Cohen Chief Strategist

Michael Johnston

Michael Johnston Executive Coach (1941-2017)

Partners and Associates

Our innovative, service-driven approach has inspired like-minded designers, creators, and industry leaders to join the Awairness team, representing a broad network of partners, collaborators, and associates.