Transforming STEAM Education Tile Farm

Awairness has helped put Stellate Software in a position to fully realize their vision of transforming STEAM education. Through multiple phases of strategic design, organization building, and robust grant-writing and fundraising support, Stellate has a product far beyond what they initially thought possible. Now Tile Farm is a National Science Foundation SBIR grant-funded initiative gearing up to make a global impact.

Client Testimonial

My company Stellate Software has been working with Awairness Interactive for almost 2 years and I am extremely satisfied with what they have helped us accomplish. Before meeting Awairness, we had a prototype for our progressive math application Tile Farm, but we lacked focus and were unclear about how to make it commercially viable. 

The Awairness team has fueled our company with both creativity and discipline: providing the space for many fun and memorable brainstorming sessions, while constantly reminding us to stay focused and on track. 

Awairness helped us design a better product with greater impact potential. They enrolled key collaborators, advocates, and a full design and development team. And I can honestly say we could not have gotten the NSF grant without them, and would not be where we are today.

Dr. Louis Romero, Founder & CEO, Stellate Software